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Cosmic Evolver System _ 20200215155408 (21st Nov 22 at 5:15am UTC)
"Well, I have something to do with you. It's just a coincidence. It's absolutely not intentional." Bai Yun raised his hand to surrender. "It doesn't matter whether you did it on purpose or not, Qianqian, beat him out of his anger." Hua Feihua doesn't care about anything. When someone is depressed, he automatically hits the muzzle of the gun. A flash of light directly pushes the white cloud to the ground. He rides on the white cloud without any taboo. Then he blows out a series of angry blows. Ye Qianqian tilts his head and thinks a little. Then he comes forward to help the tyrant to do evil. "Ah cool," Hua Feihua climbed up from the white clouds, refreshed exhaled a breath, Ye Qianhan looked at the white clouds lying on the ground with a speechless face, the corners of his mouth pulled up a smile: "The flower elder sister does not take such insolent" the white cloud trembled to climb up, but tidies up the messy clothes and the hair way: "How" the flower is not the flower phoenix eye one horizontal, then sees the white cloud to be really pitiful, comforts way: "comes the white master, the girl gives you to smile" Call the servant A barrier breeze blowing, looking at the smile if the flowers are not flowers, white clouds petrified again: "Oh," seeing the white clouds like this, the flower branches of the non-flower smile trembled, and even Ye Qianhan, who had a very low laugh point, covered his mouth and chuckled. "Elder Martial Sister Hua and Elder Martial Sister Ye, no matter how they become in the future, even if I become a strong man, but if you want to bully me and beat me, you will never fight back." In the laughter, Bai Yun suddenly said with a serious look. "Such a cheap request,wire nail making machine, I like it." Hua Feihua and Ye Qianhan stopped laughing and looked at the white clouds, and their hearts were really touched, warm and soft. "All right, enough white. What's the matter?" After a while, Hua Feihua asked with a smile on her face. "Enhance your strength," Bai Yun replied with a flash of light in his eyes. "Well, how to promote," Hua Feihua and Ye Qianhan looked at each other, and then asked expectantly. "Well,Nail production machine, you all know my system. I want to buy something from it for you. During this period of time, I have made a lot of money, and now I have more than 300,000 yuan." Baiyun thought about it and said that she had not bought it for them in the past. First, she wanted to save 400,000 yuan to buy the magic power of devouring the stars. Then, after being transported from the black earth to the earth, there were only more than 30,000 yuan left. She had to keep it for ten thousand yuan. "What thing?" The two women had long known the secret of the white clouds, and their eyes lit up and they asked in unison. "Devil fruit," the white cloud replied: "Huh?" Naturally, the two women could not have seen One Piece. "Well, I have eaten a thunder fruit, which is absolutely worth it, so I have chosen two other fruits for you. As for what the devil fruit is, I will show you the introduction directly." It is very troublesome to solve it. Baiyun directly imprints some memories into the knowledge of the two women and lets them see it directly. (To be continued) Chapter 224 "Well, Elder Martial Sister Hua is more suitable for magma fruits. Elder Martial Sister Ye freezes the fruits. In the fruits, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Automatic nail machine, there are rules of attributes. I don't know if you can understand it." Bai Yun took out two demon fruits that looked like pineapples and explained to the two women. In addition, he was going to buy thunder fruits, but he was prompted that the fruit ability was unique and could only be purchased once. "Have you eaten?" Hua Feihua looked at the demon fruit with a beautiful and strange appearance and asked. "Well, it tastes terrible. Don't vomit later." Baiyun nodded and had a preventive injection. "As long as you can improve your strength, what is unpalatable?" Hua Feihua and Ye Qianhan looked at each other and then peeled and ate directly. "Well.." When the two women ate it all, their faces turned livid and they tried to hold back the discomfort of vomiting. "What kind of bird taste is this?" When the fruit was completely swallowed, Hua Feihua and Ye Qianhan breathed a sigh of relief. They looked at the white clouds with extremely bad eyes and said ferociously, "Why don't you feel it at all?" "In a few moments, the fruit of evil will completely transform your body organs, blood and even cells.". According to the practitioners, "It means to add your aptitude to the law of the elements of heaven and earth," Bai Yun explained. Mother River, Yangtze River
"Elder Martial Sister Ye, you can try the magical power you got first. It's a seven-star star. You should be able to display all the magical powers of all the frozen fruits. Nanjing is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The three of them stood against the wind by the river and looked at the surging river with white clouds, facing Ye Qianhan." "Well, Ye Qianhan nodded, and then stepped into the river. Bai's right hand flashed, and suddenly bent down to clap in the river. With the abnormal sound of freezing, the Yangtze River, which was hundreds of meters wide, turned into a piece of ice in an instant, and it was still spreading rapidly in just a few seconds. When Ye Qianhan stood up, the ice covered tens of thousands of meters, which made her a little surprised." Frozen fruit "Ice Age" "Small white is very weak ah, this attack is to kill miscellaneous soldiers, is Qianqian," Hua Feihua random foot trampling, will directly let the ice break, some dissatisfaction said. "I did not use all my strength, and should not be fully mastered, but also familiar with some time this magical power, I like it very much." Baiyun just wanted to solve the problem, but Ye Qianhan's eyes were shining, and he took the lead in replying. "Well, and this is the magical power of group warfare, the power is inevitably weaker, and the magical power in the fruit, you can transform yourself to become stronger." Baiyun nodded, and then Chaohua Feihua said: "Try yours." "Boom" A giant fist composed of magma hit the ice, smashing the sky and the earth directly, collapsing the mountains and rivers, and evaporating the river water. Magma fruit "big fire" "Not bad," Hua Feihua raised her eyebrows and exclaimed. "These magical powers are still secondary, if Gui can be elemental, with the current combat power of the elder martial sisters, you can completely ignore the attack of the quasi-eight stars, which in the fierce close combat'can absolutely catch the enemy by surprise." Baiyun began to teach his combat experience to the two women. "Well, the two elder martial sisters are going to get familiar with their respective magical powers of fruits during this period of time. I'm also going to retreat and prepare to be promoted to the quasi-eight stars." After leaving the customs, I began to get through the major base cities. "After a long time, Baiyun told all the experiences of how to fight with the fruits of the moon, and then prepared to leave for retreat. Are you going to be promoted again? "Go, go," the flower is not a white cloud to turn over, helplessly shook off his hand, followed by a meal and then said: "When you leave the customs,Nail machine supplier, remember to share all kinds of insights." "Slag small understand two empress can have what command" white cloud bends over shamelessly to do eunuch. "It's all right, roll," Hua Feihua and Ye Qianhan chuckled.
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