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Abuse cry that scum attack [wear quickly] (17th Nov 22 at 1:15am UTC)
If it used to be a one to one probability to practice fighting spirit, then now it is twenty! That night, she broke through to the intermediate knight, and the foundation was extremely solid. The elemental riot caused by the knight's breakthrough attracted everyone's attention, and Bell clenched his teeth as he watched the fluctuations coming from his sister's room. How did this happen? Didn't the teacher say that the breathing method was too low and that it would take at least ten years for Belica to break through the junior knight? Several of the Baron's children have different faces, only the Baron is a happy face, after all, his family is about to produce an intermediate knight, and is a 17-year-old intermediate knight! Seventeen-year-old intermediate knight, if there is a chance in the future, I can't say I will become a senior knight! A high knight is a man whom viscounts should treat with courtesy! When Belica went out, the yard was crowded with her relatives, and she was in a good mood when she looked at the smile on her brother's face. A few days ago, Bell broke through the junior knight, was praised by her father, and warned herself openly and secretly in front of her. Now? How interesting. No wonder people all love elves so much, and the details of elves are not comparable to those of human nobles. Smiling to accept the false blessing of her brothers and sisters, she was called by her father to speak in the room. There have been three knights in this generation of the Spark family, which is a kind of brilliance. There are no barons in the neighborhood who have two junior knights and intermediate knights, and they are all so young knights. Spark smiled and said something to her before he got to the point and said he was going to give her a party. Of course, Berica had no objection. She was eager to be more famous. The more famous she was, the better she would be as an heir. The next day, Berica met the perfect spirit in the front of the woods. Beautiful elf, belica. Spark sends his regards. 。” It's not because of yesterday, is it? Bereka was a little nervous, because the level of the magician could not be seen, but how could an elf with that high-level breathing method be low? I'm just a half-elf. Just call me Elia. Human, thank you for the food while you're here. Half-elf? Half-elves are so perfect, what does a real elf look like? Bereka couldn't help yearning. "I'm looking for something. I left a piece of parchment behind yesterday. Have you seen it?" Didn't know I took it? Berica's heart moved and she didn't know whether to say it or not. Human beings I'm sorry, beautiful lady, but I don't see any parchment. Excuse me, is the parchment very important to you? "That is a relic left by my father." "Relics?"? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ask. "Nothing. My father has been dead for decades." Liang Chen shook his head and said, "Forget it if you don't see it.". Thanks for the fruit. By the way, please don't tell anyone you saw me. "You're welcome. It's my pleasure to serve the beautiful Elia." The genie disappeared again, and Belica found herself in a cold sweat behind her. The elf's father died decades ago, which means that she is at least a few decades old, Pallet rack supplier , or even one or two hundred years old. So old, but the face is still so young, the elves are really loved by the Creator God, and the half-elves are so extraordinary. The half-elf had no intention of pursuing the parchment, much to Belica's relief. Chapter 45 you are just my plaything (3). Belica's luck has changed recently. Not only has she got a super high quality knight breathing method, but she has also hooked up with the beautiful half-elf Aliya. The beautiful half-elf no longer repelled her. Alia didn't show up every time, but Belica prepared to go down to the tree every day. A year has passed, and Belica has made rapid progress with Paladin Breathing Power. In just one year, she has come into contact with the barriers of senior knights. The baron, who had learned the news, lavished praise on her, vaguely suggesting that the title should be given to her so that she could carry forward the idea of the Spark family. Her younger sibling, Belle Spark, has been overshadowed by her, and over the course of the year has slowly faded from his presence, losing none of his original glory.
That day, Berica left, but she didn't realize that there was one more person in the woods where she forbade others to come. It was none other than her brother, Belle! Bell found that Berica came to the woods every day and had long been curious about the woods. He believed that the reason for the rapid development of Berica's strength was hidden in the woods. When he came, Liangchen had already thrown the fruit that Belica had given him into the sea again. When she came back, she found a teenager in the woods, squinting her eyes and hiding her body from being discovered. The man was dressed in aristocratic clothes, and his face was similar to that of Berica. Liangchen thought that this man should also be a member of the Spark family. Liangchen knew for a long time that someone would come here, because Berica's strength was progressing too fast. Belica did not teach Paladin Breathing to her family, which made her sigh a little, after all, her goal was the whole family. Has been a year, she has now advanced to become a senior magician, although only the first, but already have the ability to protect themselves. Now is when she really starts to play. Liangchen left a piece of soft bark under the tree, on which some dense small characters were written, and these small characters were impressively the paladin's breathing method. She went back to the tree and watched the boy slowly search this way, and then found the unusual bark on the ground, her expression changed from surprise to ecstasy. Watching the teenager leave, cool Chen mouth corner appeared a touch of cruel sneer. The entire Spark family has abused Aria, and not just the Spark family. This time she was really angry, and this kind of thing really disgusted her. She will torture and kill these people by all means, regardless of the means! Hidden among the leaves, she returned to the small platform she had temporarily built in the tree. Conch town, the Spark family. Bereka looked at the triumphant Bell with an ugly face, at the bark paper in his hand, at the familiar words on it, and her heart sank to the bottom.
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